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Architecture creates space for social interactions, diplomats and representatives are working with instant social interactions in verbal terms. J72 INTERIOR INTERNATIONAL is an Oxford Brookes University based creative society, founded by interior architect students. Free for everyone to join in. Our aim is to create international relationships between universities, political societies and architectural practises, pointing out the fact, that Education, Architecture and Politics do not exist without each other. Oxford is providing education for students, from all around the world. Now we wish to take care of those talented architectural students, who can not afford to come to Oxford. 72 talented and enthusiastic students from the departments of: Interior Architecture, Architecture, Urban planning and International relationships have created this already successful group.
In the first round, J72 has organised a lecture series for : Oxford Brookes University (GB) + Budapest Technology and Economy University (HU) + Vienna Technology University (AU)
With the proud cooperation of the following European companies, and TV channels, we were able to introduce our favourite architect, Julien De Smedt, from JDS/JDSARCHITECTS, which is one of Europe’s most successful, and most inspiring architectural practises. With his kind contribution towards education, 1500 architect students were grateful and happy to welcome the first foreign lecturer from Copenhagen to the 200 year old Hungarian University. We are proud to achieve the same result in Austria, Vienna Technology University.
J72 Interior International and JDS/jdsarchitects were invited to Austria’s most important ball event at Vienna Hofburg Castle, where we were able to meet the most important people of austrian property business and build a promising relationship with those politician who are interested in architecture.
J72 Interior International is asked to be the official designer of the Oxford Ball 2009.
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Hansen Johanna

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