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tewe: The Swiss architect Juerg Meister founded nextroom in 1996, with the aim of creating a space for architecture on the Internet. "Creating a space for architecture on the Net" was the founding idea of nextroom in 1996. This has led to the development of a much-visited place of exchange, where anyone interested in architecture can find a detailed network of information, stimulating debate and a whole spectrum of design proposals at their fingertips.

Collectors present new building projects, photographers publish their pictures and writers their texts. Our press review tool sorts through the arts sections of the German-language press on a daily basis. The events calendar shows upcoming events and competitions on a global basis. The library collects standard works and new publications.

At nextroom's core lies the databank, with thousands of buildings, images and texts, as selected by independent institutions. nextroom acts as the central interface for all this information. This provides us with a matrix of information, the quality and density of which are without equal. With over one million page impressions per month and an online community which is continually growing and using the weekly newsletter to stay up to date, nextroom has made itself indispensable to the architecture community.

With nexttool, nextroom provides architecture professionals with access to its sophisticated infrastructure. archbau, archfoto and archtext help architects, photographers and writers present their work and may also be used for commercial purposes.

Maps of cities and other areas are planned as the next strand of nextroom's services. You can also use our virtual travel agent, nexttrip, to plan an architecture tour tailored to your needs.